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150 Kagamizu, Naha, Okinawa, 901-0142, JAPAN
2F Naha Airport terminal

Tel: +81-98-857-6881

Fax: +81-98-857-6881

Special Offer

A shipping fee service from stores in Naha Airport throughout Japan!! (all 1,000 yen)

We offer a shipping fee deal. Almost all products will cost 1,000 yen to send.
* Frozen food products are not included in this deal. Also, if the shipping fee is under 1,000 yen due to the destination, then we will only charge what it costs.
If you purchased more than 7,000 yen worth of items from our store, we can organize for other items purchased from other stores to be combined and sent together. However, we will not be responsible for any damage to other purchased items bought from other stores.

* This shipping service is only for products sent within Japan.

*Please note*

1. Our shipping fee deal is for shipments of single packages up to 30kg, this deal is based on package dimension also, it may be possible that orders under 30kg can incur an extra charge if the volume is large.

2. An extra charge will be charged for chilling if sending items that need refrigeration such as chocolate in the summer (May to October).

3. Please note that this shipping deal will not be combined with discount coupons and services.

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